Sparks Interview — Andromeda: As a Native of the Blockchain World, I Had Been Anticipating to Be Tokenized, Part 3

Part 1. About Andromeda (Continuation)


Ideas come and go quickly, sometimes they stop and stay — Feng Yun’s Blog

These kinds of experiments, attempting to reward quality content creation in a way that goes beyond the known limitations of donations/microtipping, are very valuable; under-compensation of user-generated internet content is a very significant problem in society in general (see “liberal radicalism” and “data as labor”), and it’s heartening to see crypto communities attempting to use the power of mechanism design to make inroads on solving it. But unfortunately, these systems are also vulnerable to attack.

— Vitalik Buterin, On Collusion

The greatest difference in Matataki’s design is the token subject being transferred from the platform to the users.

In China, only the landowners were assumed to be educated, and the peasants were not. However, the landlord’s culture was in fact determined by the peasants.

— Hunan Peasant Movements Inspection Report

UGC has not only changed the form of the Internet but also changed the form of human society. The freedom of speech has been transferred from the elite to the public, and the social form of many countries has also changed as a result.

The brake that was shaken by the wind is breaking my head.
The brake was shattered and I’m not the only one hurt!
I do not blame the brake as it was not its own choice.

One Day World will not run advertisements in the future (not to mention soft articles and implanted ads). I encourage you to become our member, which costs 30 RMB per month. This will allow One Day World to achieve actual invincibility by enabling us to write unique articles in this post-scarcity era.

One Day World

Thirdly, with the development of consumerism, consumers have a greater room of choice. People’s need to express themselves has become the first consumption factor after satisfying food and clothing needs. Instagram becomes mainstream, everyone is a form of media. Internet-virality takes place in place of brands and Tik-Tok is more popular than celebrities. With the development of society towards extreme individualism, individuals need to face the loneliness as the survival subject. This requires real property ownership and data ownership, which is the basic condition of “equality in life”.

Three Irreversible Mega Trends Spurring Me to Be an Entrepreneur, Dovey Wan

We are all status-seeking monkeys — Eugene Wei, Status as a Service (StaaS)

Since free competition is the most efficient in the market of general goods and services, why can’t free competition be introduced into the monetary field? Hayek put forward a revolutionary proposal: abolish the Central Bank system and allow private issuance of currency — free competition. In this process, we will discover the best currency.

— Hayek, The Denationalization of Money

Such competition is happening constantly in today’s Crypto industry.

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