Sparks Interview — Andromeda: As a Native of the Blockchain World, I Had Been Anticipating to Be Tokenized, Part 3

Part 1. About Andromeda (Continuation)

The Origin of Matataki’s Name


Ideas come and go quickly, sometimes they stop and stay — Feng Yun’s Blog

About DeFi and Dapp

The greatest difference in Matataki’s design is the token subject being transferred from the platform to the users.

Throughout the history of human society, it has always been the elite minority who master and define the economy and culture. They are citizens of Athens or the Chinese gentry class. The freedom of speech has always been a luxury. With the hope of the imperial examination system, the scholar-bureaucrats gradually disintegrated, but the culture itself, even the language and the writing itself have not been popularized. Among the 14 major events listed in the investigation report of the Hunan peasant movement, there is a section devoted to culture.

UGC has not only changed the form of the Internet but also changed the form of human society. The freedom of speech has been transferred from the elite to the public, and the social form of many countries has also changed as a result.

Although there is UGC being able to be seen by others is yet another big issue. In the beginning, these blogs were displayed by editors’ recommendation, but the freedom of speech in essence still lies in the hands of the elites — until the birth of the RSS. Although RSS died out eventually, its spiritual core, which is people’s right in deciding what content to pay attention to, has been preserved in subsequent product design.

We are all status-seeking monkeys — Eugene Wei, Status as a Service (StaaS)

I think the social capital defined in Eugene Wei’s article refers to personal influence.

Such competition is happening constantly in today’s Crypto industry.

Blogs and video sites have eaten up news, magazines, and television, and the sharing economy is eating up the hotel and taxi industry. Bitcoin began to challenge currency, and today’s DeFi sector has begun to nibble part of the business that originally belonged to banks, pawnshops and securities companies. We have reasons to believe that social networks will have to be eaten before markets can finally eat the world.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned to the last part of the interview in the next article!

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Translated by (via our WeChat Account): Xin Yue



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