Sparks Interview — Andromeda: As a Native of the Blockchain World, I Had Been Anticipating to Be Tokenized, Part 4

Part 2. About Feihu Tang

Suji Yan (CEO), left; Yisi Liu (CTO), right

Matataki uses the right approach, the free market, the mechanism design, and the Austrian school theory to let each digital worker have his own coinage right and uses the token economy’s way to price his/her own data.

Princeton University Press

There is only one thing that makes people tired — erratic and indecisiveness. Every single thing you do will liberate your mind and body. Even if you do something wrong, it’s better than doing nothing.

— Decisive Moments in History

Part 3. About the Industry

Due to the 24/7 flow of value, the blockchain industry is a place where rhythm and cycles are accelerated, so the first thing to do in this industry is to recognize and revere cycle.

Before 1024, our judgment on the industry was somewhat pessimistic.

Then the mining industry was eliminated from the backward production capacity. Mining is the foundation of the blockchain industry. Now blockchain and mining can be discussed publicly, which is the biggest change.

I hope Andromeda will be the last company to go out of business in the world — because thereafter, everyone is already a company by him/herself.

What’s Next?



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