Sparks Interview — Andromeda: As a Native of the Blockchain World, I Had Been Anticipating to Be Tokenized, Part 1

Credit: Tony Li, 2018.01.17@CSDN

Part 1. About Andromeda

Of course, more importantly, the excellent performance of EOS’ main network has in advance enabled us to put many ideas and innovations that we had during the Ethereum period into practice.

In my opinion, how can we launch a blockchain revolution if we can’t even decentralize! We always call on “awaking the people”, but when they got up, they were scared to death. What’s the point of this fake love! — Inspection Report of the EOS Programmers Movement

As a content publishing system developed using Telegram, the primitive and rough nature of brings a sense of freedom and unrestrained rarely seen on the Internet today — Episode 38: Telegram and, One Day World

However, most of these user-generated content (UGC) in fact do not get the incentives they deserve.

Digital Information World

Bitcoin tells us that everything needs incentive.

Blockchain Today

In the future, we can also add a mechanism store, so that third-party developers can design by themselves, and users can choose freely in the store according to their actual needs.

As such, we realized strongly that paying with crypto requires a very high cognitive threshold in itself.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of little fortune, must be in want of more social capital” — Eugene Wei, Status as a Service (StaaS)

What’s Next?



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