Sparks Interview — Andromeda: As a Native of the Blockchain World, I Had Been Anticipating to Be Tokenized, Part 2

Part 1. About Andromeda (Continuation)

I have to open my own exchange. — Li Xiaolai

Bitcoin Exchange

Of course, other than the flaws mentioned above on the protocol level, I think the bigger problem is that there are too few users in this market segment.

Building for crypto influencers. This is another common trap for crypto startups. In most industries, if you build a product that influencers will love, millions of other customers will follow. But crypto is a weird space — the preferences of crypto influencers are very unrepresentative of crypto customers. — Haseeb Qureshi, Dragonfly Research, So you want to build a crypto startup?

There is a greater world outside of Ethereum and blockchain.

The core mechanism is that the liquidity of Uniswap is dynamic and provided by users.

First, why do we choose to return to Ethereum?

One, the bottleneck of increasing the number of users

Two, myths of capturing value

Three, unverified decentralizing routes

Four, potential risks relating to smart contracts

We hope to make use of the resources from the Internet world, carry out a kind of “re-attack”, and guide users to the world of Web3 step by step.

What’s Next?



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