Why Would Cryptocurrencies Survive and Prosper?

Rise on the User’s Side
Bitcoin Alternatives
  1. Agent Network: Participants in the market are represented by agents. Each has a different set of demands, which can be fulfilled using corresponding technologies.
  2. Demand Network: It is a dynamic network of demands, representative by all agents.
  3. Technology Network: Technology is defined as a way to fulfill one’s demand. By this definition, apple can be a technology when it is used to fulfill the demand for eating.
Three Layers Framework
  1. Demand and technology are considered twin system because they need each other to evolve. They intertwine with each other, creating new demand.
  2. Agents’ demands are dynamic, they change based on new information received, therefore creating new demands.
Supply Curve Shifts Right
  1. During the 1st Stage: A technology is introduced and survive in a specific demand domain. Different colours represent different technologies — the blue technologies emerge and gradually get a stabilized share of the market.
  2. During the 2nd Stage: From this domain, the technology starts to mature and gets introduced to other domains, creating more use cases through the demand network.
A Demand Chain Reaction

Model Outlook

Within a Scaling-free Network
Decision Making & Mutation
Mathematics Equation & Further Explanation of Theory
Graphical Representation of the Technology Coefficient
Simulation Illustration
  1. It currently uses a static network
  2. The current technology gain function is a linear unbounded function
  3. The way technology development is explained here is only related to the number of participants who used the technologies
  1. Research utilizing dynamic scale-free networks
  2. Portray the development of technology as an S-shape growth, which multiple technologies have complex processes linkages
  3. Expand the existing list of technical attributes and portray the development of technology in other ways




We discover and invest in meaningful blockchain tokens and projects with a helping hand from intelligent machines

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We discover and invest in meaningful blockchain tokens and projects with a helping hand from intelligent machines

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